Mar 10, 2021Liked by Shane Trotter

Absolutely certain, i still remember how shocked i was when i did the first day of 30x30 program. Action precedes motivation and even a full breath can change your mood, and later you understand elephant-path-rider analogy and how to use it in your favor and its amazing, i think i kind of understood it couple months ago whit Justin message exchange, but still trying to implement it.

One thing i did was to start recording accomplishments and failures, trying not to overestimate my productivity (i normally establish time periods instead of specific tasks) and every week i do kind of evaluation.

Nevertheless, i have doubts about organization of areas, nowadays i can say that i dedicate my time to study geopolitics, training, civil society issues and mix; till now i often dedicate my day to couple o three areas, fully dedicating some days to someone. Though i have prioritized them, i don't know, if some different organization would be more effective, like focusing one month in one special area, minimizing the others, or per weeks, or maybe it is better to keep as till now.

Though i know i should try to check it, i ask you if you have experimented with that and how do you see it?

Cheers Shane.

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