Happy New Year, Shane and Justin!

This was a solid newsletter entry. Right after reading this, I thought for a while about in what ways I take my job for granted. True, the facilities are a bit lacking or rustic compared to other gigs, but then I started counting all the things I like about it; how much autonomy and freedom from micromanagement I have, and having enough downtime to read and write and train, and I felt silly for having that negative sentiment.

Gratitude creates abundance.



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Happy New Years, Alex!

I've been enjoying reading Better Barbarians. And thank you for this comment. It is always awesome to feel like something you wrote resonated with someone. Funny how that Hedonic Treadmill always catches up with us. Like you, I have a lot of autonomy and freedom and it is hard to think of anything that matters more to the quality of your work life and life in general. People like us need room to move, think, and experiment.

Best wishes!


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