I love this post. You nailed it. The internet and its associated culture has made most people completely lose sight of what matters most - friends, family, and local community. I have wondered at people who profess to be so concerned for refugees and the unfortunates half a world away, when they don't even give a damn about the struggling family living down the block. Is this what we;'ve turned into? A society of atomised individuals who do performative empathy but when push comes to shove, have no true reserves of group-feeling for flesh and blood beings in their own neighborhoods and workplaces?

We deserve better., I think. We can and must do better. The future depends on it.

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Thank you, Alex! Sometimes I feel like you are in my head. Very well said. I've wondered the same thing many times. I truly hope and believe we are seeing the seeds of a counter-movement. One of our Seekers sent me another article the other day that was in this same vein. Very well written: https://lettersfromhomeandaway.substack.com/p/-letter-36-on-friendship?utm_source=brainpint&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=opening_doors_for_others&utm_term=2021-06-17

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Fantastic article, Shane. This really gave me food for thought. To breathe your ethos into the community in your backyard...

How I wish we lived in the same local community.

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