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But why be normal? Very informative article regarding a couple subjects that should be looked at today. The "Surveillance Capitalism" article is very though provoking if one would consider why the communication/technology companies have had so little regulation.

Your Dad's article is on point. As just a dumb old guy I have little experience in using that information practically. But think about the last training article you read or information regarding a supplement. Then use your Dad's guide to testing those waters into account when weighing claims to the brightest shiny training program or supplement. Excellent

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Carl, good to hear from you. Thank you for reading all this stuff. I completely agree about my Dad's article. I had the same reaction. I was going through it thinking, why isn't everyone taught this? I wanted to highlight my favorite anecdote from his article in the Stuff but it was rather text heavy. I'll paste it here:

"Another major problem with using mortality rates to assess the impact of diseases such as COVID-19 is more important because it is avoidable. It is the problem of assuming that all deaths are equally significant. One contributor to this problem is the implicit false premise that underlies virtually all bureaucratic attempts to tabulate causes of death—namely the claim that, were we to succeed in eradicating injuries and diseases, no one would die. All deaths are comparably tragic, if this premise is correct, because at least theoretically everyone retains a vast potential for a fulfilling future. This position flies in the face of one of the fundamental features of being an adult human being: knowledge that we will die. Physicians who doubt that cause-of-death determinations really deny such a fundamental fact should try entering “old age” or “indeterminate” as a cause of death on a death certificate. I have done so with considerable rebuke from bureaucrats and demands to enter a specific disease even if I have to make one up. No one is ever permitted to die because she has lived out her life span."

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That was some of my favorite thoughts from the article also. My time in occupational safety I rarely if ever found a injury or incident that had only one actual casual factor.

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