What is Stuff They Never Told You?

Essays about what humans need most and the cultural trends that keep us from living well from Inspired Human Development.

What’s it all about?

How do we best structure our lives in an era of distraction, convenience, unintentionality, and rapid technological change? In other words, how do we live a healthy and fulfilling life in the 21st century?

Stuff is our humble attempt to answer this question. These are the vital lessons that should dominate our culture, yet are somehow absent from our educational systems and societal ideals.

Who we are

Inspired Human Development (or IHD as we call it) is a collaboration of Shane Trotter and Justin Lind. We came together through the shared belief that the current educational model—from school to parenting to cultural trends—is setting up a generation for failure. These growing ideological dysfunctions don’t just affect young people, they are seeping into our societal understanding of health, politics, and proper human development. As coaches and educators, we believe that education should draw on the best ancient wisdom, ancestral traditions, and modern findings to give people the tools to create fulfilling lives. We created IHD to do just that.

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The 30x30 Challenge is our 30-day, 30 minutes/day, follow-along program to give you the tools to create an amazing life within the challenges of the modern world. We cover the fundamentals of physical health like nutrition, movement, sleep, and hydration. But it doesn’t stop there. By the end of the program, you will understand yourself and your innate drivers better as well. We get into habits, willpower, the hero’s journey, rites of passage, and many other ways to design a meaningful and fulfilling life for ourselves.

Check out the first 7 days for free. The remainder of the 30-day program is for paid subscribers.

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Explorations on living a fulfilling and impactful life in the modern world. Written by Shane Trotter and Justin Lind.


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