The 30x30 Challenge

Learn to master your mind, body, and emotions. 30 minutes a day for 30 days could change everything

Sustainable change requires practice and consistency. The 30x30 is not the ultimate fitness program or meditation course (although it does offer daily movement practice and guided meditation). It is a simple and bite-sized introduction to several different self-development modalities and will help you create the identity of someone who consistently does things to better themselves. It is a program built to train you in the principles necessary to develop desirable behavior changes throughout your life.

Each video gives you the following:

  • Movement session (7-10 minutes)

    A little physical priming to start the day. Short, accessible, yet intense movement sessions. No equipment is necessary and they are scalable to any level.

  • Lesson (10-15 min)

    Actionable lessons on many facets of self-development from hydration and nutrition to time management and willpower.

  • Gratitude and Breathing Practice (5-7 min)

    A short guided meditation. Nothing fancy and nothing to be scared of—just a few minutes to focus on your breathing and the positive forces in your life.


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